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But even if not, people are attracted because of their energy and Fire Sign warmth. Romantics imagine that youthful athletic Aries is their knight or warrior queen in shining armor. Eventually, their true colors show. A positive Aries will grin and admit to being vain and sometimes selfish.

A negative one will disguise her inflated ego and arrogance by saying she has "high ideals" or "radical politics," or insisting that her attitude makes for "good business. Along with Scorpio, Ariens are the motormouths of the zodiac, talking forever and insufferably, like Al Gore born March He smoked and drank himself to death— not unusual for Aries who, consciously or not, likes to be the agent of his or her own demise.

An atheist lawyer named Madalyn Murray O'Hair April 13 stood up for the Constitution's separation of church and state and was for decades "the most hated woman in America. Traditionally the sign Aries rules the head and face, and an Aries Sun or Aries Moon person can often be identified by scarring on the forehead or face or these days facial plastic surgery, like Steven Tyler March The negative Aries or Aries Moon believes all truth is underground and he has a direct line to it.

Can you admit having these bad habits, Aries?

Takei later apologized and today scrapes along by issuing amusing or ironic tweets. Negative Aries people relish delivering bad news, and— no surprise— love to talk about how much other people want them. Ariens score and string people along for sport and ego, like Warren Beatty March 30 , more famous for his sexual affairs than his acting. Aggressive Aries prefers loud abusive arguments to sex.

Passive Aries will avoid sex or just lie there, joyously aware that this annoys and frustrates their partner. They won't say, "Let's split up. Negative Aries people leave their valuables or purses out and open and lose them frequently. Love might be a factor, but the deciding factor for negative Aries will be a rich spouse or rich parents.

Divorcing an aggressive Aries can be like taking candy from a baby because they are egoistic enough to think they don't need a lawyer. Aries' motormouth makes him or her a natural for sales work, and business-minded Ariens can build retail empires, like Sam Walton March 29 , Hugh Hefner April 9 , and F. Woolworth April Aries women often have masculine looks or mannerisms or wear the pants in the family.

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Don't tell them that, or they will rip your face off. The sign Aries has masculine polarity, but while the men aren't hyper-masculine, Aries women often have masculine looks or mannerisms or wear the pants in the family. Hollywood superstar Joan Crawford March 23 had heavy eyebrows and wore square-shouldered suits that gave her a threatening look. She and rival actress Bette Davis April 5 , both Oscar winners, have throaty man-type voices typical of their sign.

Like many Aries women, they look ugly from some angles and gorgeous from others. Even the cute former cheerleader named "Sam" April 18 who is my aerobics instructor yells like a drill sergeant. Aries women are tough enough to handle traditionally male jobs, including U. Catherine of Siena March 25 who persuaded an exiled Pope to return to Rome.

Like any other sign, Ariens can go nuts, but doing it their way makes headlines. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. I work with an Aries and live with one and you have hit their personality to a tee. In fact, you may have been too kind. Anyway, the traits I have noticed about them bothers me the most.

Manipulative, lazy, bad with money but only to manipulate others to pay their way. Sarcastic and abusive with the mouth but so shallow they're always the victim in every circumstance. They're vain and self-centered, and I loved what you said controlling the whole house without lifting a finger. Bit harsh, but some of it made me chuckle. As an Aries with much Gemini influence, and knowing you are an Aquarius, I know it is just because of your way with words, and sense of humour.

I was married to an Aquarius man at one point, and your description fitted him to a tee. You gave me a good laugh,an Aquarius guy once told me I would make a good drill sergeant,need to mention I am a Taurus with a heavy dose of Aries and the other fire signs. I love Aries no matter how dirty they try to get. Maybe cause I love a good fight like they do,my Venus in Aries is getting a real kick from it. And Aries just doesn't let go,what is just perfect for me hehe.

Also the way they handle things,the bravery like a Spartan is heavenly,even when they're almost burn themselves out on a row, it's truly addicting,the cardinal fire. I saw "negative" aries but while they were negative,they were still fair like a libran,to everyone else but not themselves. It was heart breaking. The negative thing was,two aries I know sabotage their own life with cheating on their perfect their words partners constantly,and whenever they've done it and regret moment kicked in,they thought extreme,suicidal,extrem nights out,unstoppable drinking, or starting other major life changing moves.

And just to turn back and apologise for their behavior,it was scary cause there was nothing to fix in these moments. Spoken like a real Taurus,gotta fix I have a good and close Aries friend,he can't handle love,whenever I show him simple uncomplicated love,he takes it and turns it into a battle.

In the beginning I thought he will lose me but luckily he had good intentions with me and we do get along. Sadly he uses the same method with everyone else,show something,break it or mash it up,and then see how they react probably testing their strength and see how worthy or unworthy they are,but the nice thing is,he always gives them a chance as long they didn't crossed his line,and he shows love and kindness to everybody.

Supporting charity projects without making it a big deal. I happen to be Aries.

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This is very accurate. However, I will not rip your face off for these facts. I'm the passive aggressive type. Any other Aries like me will tell you that it's very satisfying to do those things, at least initially. Also, in reply to all the comments below, I'll just say: Everyone is different.

Aries Horoscope and Astrology

Yes, these astrology things do generalize people, but it's mostly quite precise. Of course we're all going to have irregular quirks. Without that, the world would be boring. My Aries friends mostly fit this description. And when you say that this makes it seem like someone is trying to shoot you down? They're stating flaws. We all have them.

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I'm not narcissist enough to deny that. I fell in love with a handsome, dark Aries. With Mercury retrograde, this is one time when you can't use your sheer force to get what you want. The more you push, the worse you fail. You aren't used to being impatient, so this retrograde cycle really throws you for a loop. Not only are things not going that well, but now your typically calm attitude is off too. Frustrating, right? Usually careful and considered, you make impulsive decisions during Mercury retrograde which just doesn't jive with your rational way of going about things.

One of the biggest bummers? You miss that close, personal communication with the people you care about. When planned get-togethers go awry, you may blame the wrong people or things. Avoid misplaced anger. Mercury is your ruler, so when it goes retrograde your whole world is thrown off.

On a positive note, you're a mutable sign who sees change even bad as a chance to make improvements. When Mercury retrograde puts up a roadblock, you just find an alternate route to get where you need to go. TBH, when you're not in too big of a hurry, you welcome the challenge. Prepare for your precious social media apps to be down, though, Gemini. Get ready for emotional overload.

Negative Traits

The more information or misinformation you're bombarded with, the more tempted you are to retreat into your shell - but that only prolongs the inevitable. Moody doesn't even begin to describe how you'll feel as you attempt to deal with the chaos that can be caused by Mercury retrograde. And when things in your beloved home break down, you may start to spin out. Your attempts to insulate yourself from the effects could backfire. You want to remain gentle, nurturing, and loving, but this is a trying time for you.

While it's no secret that you love to be the center of attention, your worst fear is to be in front of a group of people and have something go wrong. To avoid all these, you need to give her ample time and space to rethink. Of course, a conflict will be avoided like the plague. Above all, she likes to share the energy that her Creator gave her. Aries women like to share their effort with others. Therefore it is very imperative not to take this lady for granted. The moment you understand her good effort, the easier your life will be.

She is a self-reliant woman who is spontaneous in her way. She often takes an inspiration position hence helping other women on the way. Often rightly ambitious and motivated, there will never come a time where she will take NO for an answer. Aries woman personality trait shows that she adores adventure life and will always appreciate anywhere that the world will take her. She hates boredom, and that is why she loves outdoor activities. She would rather arrive at the apex of sky than being alone.

Her love for adventure is out of this world. No other sign loves to multi-task than the Aries woman. She knows how to use her assets properly.

Aries Zodiac Sign Meaning in Astrology

Be it an investment or land. She hates to live a limited life. She loves her career more than anything else in the world. If you come across a strong and a willing heart woman-she is probably an Aries woman. The loyalty and urge that she has allow her to cross all the impossible borders easily. If she happens to be your employee, be ready to expect passion and optimistic results. Her energy is always at the optimum level. Full of life is her best word of the day.

She adores having that unique boldness and undefined uprightness. She is loved and respected by all ages, all thanks to his loyal heart. For her to be in your world, you have to believe in fact and not fiction. Aries woman comes with a hot-tempered nature if not approached correctly. If you ignore her, be ready to receive her sulky attitude. Aries female is constantly known to get what she wants no matter the obstacle.

He can be self-centered and selfish at times. All she wants is independence.

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