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Horoscopes: week beginning February 17

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Ad Choices. February Try to tread carefully around others' sensitive feelings when emotional Venus conjoins harsh Saturn on the 18th.

Horoscope: February 19th - 20th

The full Moon of the 19th focuses attention on extremely practical matters that demand real precision, but moods will lighten as February winds down, and your own optimism and wise choices will smooth out various wrinkles. As February begins, fresh approaches and shifts of perspective are what's called for at work—and you should open your mind to the unexplored. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a confidence enhancer, so feel free to head in the direction you really want to go.

http://safebridgeofhelp.org/profiles/2718.php It's time to stop being defensive and to tell it like it is, and though initial resistance may be unsettling, you'll create the momentum for more rewarding developments. February Whatever is occurring near the 17th and 18th, a close relationship seems to be going through a tricky passage. All will work out for the better if you avoid overreacting and make an effort to be kind.

The full Moon of the 19th compels you to acknowledge what you're really feeling, and quite a bit of inspiration and magic are in the air as February winds down. Brighten up your life during early February by accepting invitations and being a social animal. Libras thrive on contact and interaction, and even though harsh Saturn is putting pressure on you in numerous ways these days, it's time to give yourself a break.

Creative endeavors will also nourish your soul. After the 18th, though, a bit of private time and introspection will lead to the kind of inspiration that takes you in new directions. February You may be feeling a bit worried or neglected when Venus, your ruling planet, is under Saturn's gloomy influence near the 18th—but try to step back when the Moon is full on the 19th and take a breather.

Emotional renaissances are in the air when Venus conjoins Pluto on the 23rd, and the way in which you're taking charge of your affairs on the 28th promises great results.

February rides in on new Moon energy that enlivens all matters having to do with home and family ties, and Mars in Aries ignites your ambitions in a somewhat obsessive fashion. Don't burn yourself out, and take the time to sort out troublesome interpersonal issues near the 17th. Once the Sun enters the watery, harmonious sign of Pisces on the 18th, you will feel an increasing urge to socialize and to follow your heart. February With aggressive Mars now ensconced in your partnership angle, others will tend to be more demanding and confrontational.

You really shouldn't take their behavior to heart, especially when sensitive Venus conjoins Saturn on the 18th. The full Moon of the 19th, though, draws you out and about, and aspects occurring on the 23rd urge you to be reasonable and shake hands on new deals. It really is time to speak up, reach out, and engage in the kinds of exchanges that open up new options.

In fact, communication will be a big part of the story once Mercury enters Pisces on the 10th, and you will be making new plans which may involve lifestyle changes. Saturn in Capricorn is all about being prudent, so don't resist its spell: its presence in your financial angle will guide you to make the right decisions around new plans cropping up near the 22nd. February With an important full Moon illumining the most public part of your solar chart on the 19th, be ready to bring plans to fruition and to make your presence felt.

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You'll be inspired and inspiring when Jupiter in your sign receives beneficial aspects on the 22nd, and you appear to be getting your affairs on a new track and leaving a sticky issue behind. You seem to be feeling a bit explosive or at odds with the world early this month, and with inflammatory Mars out of harmony with your sign, various matters will be rubbing you the wrong way.

But with Venus in your sign, you'll find that your ability to be charming and sympathetic will turn the tide in your favor.

It's time to redesign your own future by stepping away from ingrained stances and roles. New paths are opening up. February If you're feeling overlooked and victimized near the 19th, do some stepping back—and don't fall into the trap of misinterpreting others' intentions.

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Your aspects accent the importance of speaking up and clearing the air near the 20th; and by the 23rd, you appear to be at a remarkable turning point for accepting home truths and setting your world right. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Farewell, My Barneys. These efforts lay the foundation to fine results.

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There seems to be plenty of communication flowing around in connection with money during March 24 to April 2, having a basis in February 19, Indications of what those are likely to be, manifest during February 19, LIBRA: The love you have for your family is highlighted during February , no matter whether you are with them or not. Libran individuals work to show family how much they care. There are excellent trends around work matters during February and March.

Applications are more likely to be successful, although delays will surround those not processed by February Your practical and sympathetic approach helps enormously. Scorpio has plenty of thinking to do about love, children and money during February and March. Something which surfaces during February 19, 20 will grow to importance during March 24 to April 2.

19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes
19 magazine february horoscopes 19 magazine february horoscopes

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