January 20 solar eclipse 2020 astrology

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A famous homicide will be featured in the news. There are some good planetary energies that are of a harmonious and positive nature but with Venus so close to Jupiter somethings may seem better than they are. Situations or people may appear more successful and offers may seem to be too good to be true and they probably are. All the glitters is not gold with Mars square Saturn and Venus square Neptune. This is not the best time for businesses and new beginnings.

Be extra careful, there is deception in the air. Watch out for liars and con artists. Again, we have the Sun and Moon interacting with unpredictable Uranus. This can make some people extremely impulsive and impetuous and to take brash actions before they think about the consequences.

Be very careful about what you say to people and how you say it because the simplest of things could turn into a dramatic display that leaves you breathless. One thing you can expect is some people will be acting really strange and completely out of sorts. Unusual look, manner and unusual dress.

During the course of the next couple of weeks, Mars will approach the sensitive point with Uranus and trigger violence, plane accidents, a major shooting and unexpected explosions. There could be explosions or shake ups caused by a volcano, seismic activity, earthquake, military attack or terrorist act. This eclipse really is about beginnings and endings. It is associated with the future and major turning point in our lives.

This is the third eclipse of and this one could have quite a haul me feel or bring up events and issues surrounding family or your home. This eclipse will bring can Cancerian themes into play. The energy of the new moon solar eclipse may stimulate home life activities, your actual home itself and your family.

People may be focusing more on matters related to their home, property, family as well as their children if they have them. Some people may want to splurge on their pet or a for baby instead. How this may affect people for good or unpleasant, depends on how the eclipse influences the planets in your personal horoscope.

Some wonderful new beginnings can happen around this time for those who have complementary planets this eclipse. The fire trine adds extra sparkle and fuel to the eclipse in a positive way. This can signal a beautiful new beginning, perhaps a marriage, announcement or birth of a baby or purchasing a new home. The South node is there as well which could bring up a secret from the past. This may also reveal a secret long buried from the past.

There could be a new discovery underground such as an archeological find. If you find your life is topsy-turvy around this time and you are being influenced in an unpleasant way from the eclipse, the fire trine energy will help you. If you have planet in fire signs of Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, the positive energy will help to lessen the effects of the challenging eclipse angles. Other planetary influences that will stimulate this eclipse are Saturn opposition node, Uranus sextile Lilith, Saturn sextile Neptune, Neptune trine north node, Moon square Chiron, Moon sextile Uranus, Moon trine Lilith.

Unfortunately, this eclipse is opposite Saturn close to Pluto in serious Capricorn. And guess what? During the course of the next couple of weeks, the energy triggers a sensitive point with Uranus.

January 2019 Astrology! Solar/Lunar Eclipses, Blood Moon, Horoscope Houses, Zodiac Angels Forecast

This can trigger violence, a riot angry mob or a riot at a prison, plane accidents, a major shooting and unexpected explosions. Take extra care driving and using sharp instruments such as knives or tools. There is a higher chance of accident-prone behavior and the potential for violence now than at other times. Be aware there will be more angry people travelling and driving with road rage than usual.

Eclipses: Cosmic Turning Points

This would be a good month to carry a Black Obsidian crystal gem stone with you and if you have to travel an Aquamarine as well. The eclipse in Capricorn brings up themes of money, business and earthly desires. This could be a time when money issues or property developments arise. This could be a time when you could finalize a deal or strategize a solid plan for building your finances.

Again, there is sort of a mixed energy with this eclipse. Positively the sun is energized with his friends along.

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Mars, Juno and Mercury show their support as well as Venus. However, the happy party is in opposition to the moon close by intense Pluto and serious Saturn in the sign of Capricorn. With this crazy mix of energy there could be a lot of steam. Babies born on this date will be more inclined to be good looking and possess a degree of psychic intuition.

At least one of the babies born on this date or close to it will grow up to be world-famous. This is a very special and rare eclipse because it happened at Christmas time. Jupiter is also right beside the sun and the moon adding a glowing component to the energy. Close by to add support is Venus in Aquarius. This can be a magical day and time in your life where there can be a wonderful new beginning or opportunity.

This will be a magical Christmas for some people and one of the most memorable times in their lives. This can be a time of major announcements or major gifts, even a miracle. However, for some people, this eclipse might not be all sunshine. This could be as simple as an unexpected repair or problem with the structure of your home, The floor or some other unexpected maintenance. For others someone in your family might hurt your feelings or betray your trust. Perhaps they will blurt out a secret about you from your long-forgotten past during family Christmas dinner that is most embarrassing or humbling.

Other planetary influences that will stimulate this eclipse are Mercury square Lilith, Sun conjunct Jupiter, Moon conjunct Jupiter, Moon sextile Neptune. Life can be hectic especially during eclipse season. Let me help you find some direction in your life path. Get a psychic reading with me to help you get a glimpse into the future.

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Get a Card Reading. Eclipses All You Need to Know. Read how your Zodiac star sign may be influenced by these eclipses. Read for your sun, moon and ascendant for the most guidance. Then scroll down to see how each eclipse may influence the events in your life. To get specific details about your life and how the eclipses will impact your year to come, ask me about a personal eclipse reading.

How will the Eclipse affect your Zodiac Sign? Curious what direction your life will take next? Why not ask me some questions in an In Depth Psychic Reading. The Sun is shining on you brightly, make the most of it so you look your best. This is an excellent time to spruce up your image with a new hairdo, beauty makeover and teeth cleaning.

You may suddenly find you are very popular and may even have an honorable public mention or two. There is also a possibility of a health issue from the past resurfacing once again but of a lesser degree. Harness the energy of the Eclipse by carrying an Imperial quartz crystal gem stone to attract warm loving feelings between you and your significant other as well as bring harmony to business relationships.

Bring the love back into your life. You may be spending more money at this time or discover something is going to be more costly than originally planned. Investments, stocks or sales of property may not be so favorable around this time as well as an overall decrease of material gain. Now is the time to be frugal and watch your money closely. Harness the energy of the Eclipse and enhance your luck this year by carrying a Crystal gem stone talisman such as Sea Jasper from Madagascar to help take you delve deep into enlightening meditations or connect to a vision.

You may want to get away for a day or two and it will do you good. News you have been waiting for could finally arrive. It is a good time to submit writing for publication and some of you will begin to write a book. Harness the energy of the Eclipse and enhance your luck this year by carrying an Aquamarine Crystal gem stone talisman for protection while traveling and to attract good fortune on your way.

Issues may surface about your home or repairs are needed to property and your living environment. Family members may be acting rather unpredictably or make a sudden change, issues may be challenging. Harness the energy of the Eclipse and enhance your luck this year by carrying a Crystal gem stone talisman such as Malachite for protection and healing energy.

For you, this could manifest into a new love interest coming into your life but he or she may not be around for long sort of like two ships that pass in the night. It could also bring up problems or issues with your current partner, perhaps you will have to have a heart to heart conversation to work it out. Rekindle your romance by visiting art galleries or by painting your sweetheart. There could be delays regarding adoptions, complications with pregnancy.

Some of you will become pregnant at this time. Harness the energy of the Eclipse and enhance your luck this year by carrying a Crystal gem stone talisman such as Sun Rise Quartz to soften the effects of challenging aspects as well as bring happiness and joy into your life. How about a Psychic Reading to give you some insight and advice for your situation?

You might decide to make positive changes to your health or quit a habit or situation that no longer serves you. You may be thinking of changing jobs and a new career offer may come your way. Now is also the time to make positive changes to your health, quit a habit or situation that no longer serves you, such as smoking. The 7th house also represents lawyers, lawsuits and open enemies.

Commitment issues may bubble up to the surface as well any relationship difficulties with your partner or love interest. Legal proceedings may not fare so well. Harness the energy of the Eclipse by carrying a Spirit Quartz Crystal gem stone to infuse your life with joyful energy and give your spirit a dynamic boost. There is a possibility of a student or bank loan being granted, receiving a financial gift, lottery win or an inheritance. You might want to get a head start on your income tax or have a big bill come due.

Harness the energy of the Eclipse and enhance your luck this year by carrying a Citrine Crystal gem stone talisman to stimulate a good steady flow to your incoming fortune. You may feel like you are just itching for something different in your life or craving a change of scenery. You could explore other options concerning your education, spirituality or career may present themselves. You might question your spiritual beliefs at this time. There could be challenges arise concerning immigration, relocating, travel or a vacation.

Harness the energy of the Eclipse by carrying a Lapis Lazuli Crystal gem stone to enhance clarity and connect to a higher spiritual power if you so desire. There could be changes to your position or line of work soon. Some of you will be offered a new job opportunity and it may be an emotional decision for you to make to do with how you earn money. Harness the energy of the Eclipse by carrying a Grape Agate Crystal gem stone to encourage security and stability into your environment. Your relationships with people you are involved with in this area of your life will be emphasized.

This is an excellent time to get out and socialize. For some of you this time will represent a fondest wish come true. Harness the energy of the Eclipse by carrying a Sun stone Crystal gem stone to attract good times and loving feelings your way. You might also be visiting someone who is confined in some way or a health issue from the past resurfaces that send you to hospital.

This is a time when some of you will seek counselling or psychotherapy if you need it. When mars makes contact to an eclipse point, it stimulates the energy of the eclipse and often coincides with crisis and conflict. Mars transits to eclipse points will be the key timer of events, especially the eclipse of Before I delve into the prediction, I would like to mention something called the Nodes of the Moon.

We have a south node and a north node, and the nodes are the two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. The north node is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the south node is where the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere. Unlike the south node which often times the transformation is held back and has some resistance and unwillingness. A major similarity with the eclipse of and the eclipse of is that not only do these two eclipses fall in the exact same degree and sign, they also are both conjunct the north node of Moon, making it easier for events to transpire suddenly and with lots of energy.

12 Tips For The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse - Sally Kirkman Astrologer

Depending on your timezone it will fall on June 21st in the early hours of the morning, the same date as the Solar Eclipse of This eclipse falls in the water sign of Cancer. Cancer is a cardinal sign which means it is highly energetic, and Cancer is concerned with the home, family, domestics, the homeland and even security. We saw this theme take precedent in , and it will also be of focus again.

Since the U. The rising sign, also known as the ascendent is the place of major focal energy manifestation. It is where the Sun and all the planets and stars rise. In Washington DC, the rising sign will be Taurus which rules over money and finances, the stock market, etc. This will have an effect all over the country, even though the ascendant may vary based on timezone.

Washington DC will be of greater influence since it is the central location of the United States Government. So I will be basing my prediction on that. The United States will take on yet another financial crisis in the coming months after the eclipse. This is emphasized by the fact that this eclipse is falling on the United States natal Venus. Venus is the planet of relationships and money, and rules over the sign of Taurus. Transiting Venus, which is the placement of Venus during the upcoming eclipse, will be retrograde, further emphasizing some sort of financial fallback, loss, and stress.

I believe a crisis of some kind will trigger the financial hit of the United States sometime down the road following this eclipse.

Sun enters Sagittarius

When an eclipse falls on the United States venus, financial issues come into play as a result of the crisis events of the eclipse. Back in , it was Mars that triggered the attacks on the World Trade Center, which led to war with the Middle East, which was followed by the financial crisis and Housing Market crash. Again, Cancer eclipses affect homes and families, so a house market crash fits the bill of these series of eclipses. One thing to note in particular is that Mars is challenging the Eclipse of In Astrology we call this aspect a square, which is a 90 degree angle between the Eclipse and the planet Mars.

So when Mars comes to stimulate this Eclipse on April 23rd , is when I think some sort of violent event will take place that can possibly send us into a costly war. The possibility of terror attacks on the homeland again is real, as well as the possibility of domestic terror. Whatever the event, it will happen on U.

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Mars making challenging aspects to this eclipse definitely means there will be a violent event that causes panic and fear. Mars rules war and weaponry like guns. This is why I think using Mars as a timer will be important, because when Mars hits 0 degrees Cancer, it hits that sensitive eclipse point, and in the case of the eclipse, it will challenge itself. In the year , there will be three major power planets in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of government.

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