January 19 horoscope aries

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Adding to the mix will be sexy Mars, your ruling planet, touring the same area of your chart from July 1-August Sparks will fly between you and someone else during this time, that's for sure!

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So hey, Mr. CEO, do yourself a favor and schedule some downtime in late July and early August so that you can make the most of this stellar time. You've been given plenty of notice! Aries who are in a partnership have a different set of romantic circumstances.

Family life is a big theme and you might very well be welcoming a baby to your family in Leo is fixed fire and ruled by the Sun. Born during the time of the harvest, Virgos excel at production. From August 24th to September 22nd, it's Virgo's role to show us what's valuable and what is not.

Viro is ruled by Mercury and is a mutable earth sign. The social winners of the zodiac, Libra rules the sky and charts from September 23rd to October 22nd. It is in Libra, and it is during this part of the year, that the solitary figure discovers the other. Libra is cardinal air ruled by Venus. Scorpio's guiding principle is "I probe" and from October 23rd to November 21st, they do!

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This is the time of the year to look beneath the surface to see what's really there. Is it any coincidence then that Halloween falls under Scorpio's domain?

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Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and is a fixed water sign. If Halloween is a deep, dark and mysterious holiday, it stands in direct contrast to the bountiful, joyous and often boisterous Sagittarian ruled Thanksgiving. Sagittarius , therefore, is prominent from November 22nd to December 21st. Sagittarius is mutable fire ruled by Jupiter.

Capricorn Horoscope: Capricorn Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

Capricorn , December 22 to January 19, finds joy in achieving honors for their contributions to the community, and it's through leadership, vision and the setting of practical goals that their accomplishments are realized. Is it any wonder then that this sign ushers us through both Christmas the act of giving and receiving material goods and New Year's the setting of new goals for a new year?

Capricorn is cardinal earth ruled by Saturn. Innovative and forward thinking, Aquarius's time of the year is from January 20th to February 18th.

Daily Horoscopes: January 9, 12222

You and your partners are in an adventurous mood. The moon enters Pisces this afternoon, highlighting issues around intimacy and your sex life. Deep conversations about your desires take place. The moon is in Aquarius for most of today, encouraging you to get organized. But, your focus shifts when the moon enters Pisces and illuminates the relationship sector of your chart, encouraging connection in your partnerships.

What an exciting day! The moon enters Pisces encouraging you to move towards transformation.

follow link Later this afternoon, the moon enters fellow water sign Pisces, inspiring a romantic and creative energy! An exciting energy flows around lunch time, reach out to a crush!

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Watch out for some surprising news. The moon enters Pisces later this afternoon, finding you in a nostalgic mood.

january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries
january 19 horoscope aries January 19 horoscope aries

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