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Mercury rules the zodiacal House: Natural astrological Third and Sixth houses. Sign of exaltation of Mercury: Virgo.

Sign of debilitation of Mercury: Pisces. Determent or weak sign of Mercury: Sagittarius. Mercury's friends are: Sun and Venus. Mercury's enemies are: Moon and Mars. Mercury is neutral with: Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury's Vimshottari Dasha period: Seventeen Years.

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Body part governed by Mercury: The Hips. Day of the week governed by Mercury: Wednesday. Direction ruled by Mercury: North. Season governed by Mercury: Sharad or Autumn season. Metals governed by Mercury: Quicksilver or Parad. Gemstone governed by Mercury: Emerald. Substitute gemstones governed by Mercury: Peridot and Green Tourmaline. Colors ruled by Mercury: All shades of Green. Food and flavors governed by Mercury: Things of mixed or varied tastes. Geometrical shape governed by Mercury: A Triangle.

Numbers as per Numerology governed by Mercury: 5, 14, 23, 32 and all those that adds up to five, are governed by it. Body parts, function and diseases governed by Mercury Mercury rules the nervous system, and as such its placement in a natal chart indicates all mental and nerve related problems nervousness, tension and the inability to relax. The messenger of the gods, it is also the messenger of the nervous system, relaying split second commands throughout the body.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, all the diseases governed by these two signs are automatically governed by Mercury. It rules all the tubing in the body, the channels through which blood, hormones, enzymes and oxygen move. Mercury partially rule the hormones dispensed by the glands in the body. Mercury is involved with the splitting up action and the pancreatic breakdown of sugar into glucose the amount of hydrochloric acid HCI in the stomach.

This malfunction causes all digestion related problems such as colitis, flatulence, heartburn, diarrhea etc. Mercury is also closely associated with the thyroid, along with its co ruler Taurus. Since Mercury travels close to the Sun, it will be either in the same sign or in the one before or after on the Zodiac. In Greek myths, Mercury was Hermes , the winged messenger god and in Roman times, he was portrayed as a trickster. The planet's movements are said to influence communication here below. Mercury rules the signs of the intellect Gemini and Virgo. Mercury's different elements and modalities mean we live in different worlds, as far as perception goes.

A few times per year Mercury slows down in its orbit around the Sun, creating an illusion of backward movement. The retrograde of a planet is this kind of optical illusion.

When Mercury is in retrograde, communication can seem to slow down, misfire or go haywire with missed calls and technological snafus. If you see an "R" next to a planet in your birth chart that means it was in retrograde when you were born. Someone with Mercury retrograde in the birth chart may have a reflective or introverted mind.

If you are one of them having Mercury in the 7th house in Leo, then you will be very fortunate about getting higher education and good children too. You will always remain honest to your work and also able to show your wisdom in work-place. There is good possibility that you may be even marry someone who will be higher in financial status. With Mercury in 7th house being an Aquarius ascendant you may have a long-lasting life. You may also make profit from Business or Self employment.

Career Astrology: Your weapon for success

Your Social Network will be helpful in your business venture. When Mercury sits in the 7th house in the zodiac sign of Taurus, you will have to bear much disturb and problem in your Married life. Your Marriage can also be delayed. The distress may be remained hidden. You may also face problem in Partnership Business. Regarding sexual happiness or pleasure you will be benefited with some advantages that will appear in life indirectly.

Besides, you would have lots of gain in occupation but you will have to work hard for that. If Mercury occupies 7th house in the sign of Gemini then, you will definitely be connected with an occupation that will have great dignity. You will be fortunate by getting so much pleasure from family. Therefore, you will always remain happy with your family members.

Mercury and profession

With Mercury in 7th house in Gemini in your horoscope, you may be gifted with a wife with clever mind. Your wife will also have much influence in society and for that she will be a well-maintained women. You will be so passionate about wearing nice dresses. This placement help you to conduct a successful business. You will be very lucky regarding your sexual life and this position gives you a very positive minded father-in-law. These people having a 7th house Mercury in Cancer sign may be of religious type or execute some religious responsibility on behalf of his wife.

Because of his or her powerful destiny, the native would get much progress in profession. There may be some health trouble or Friction with Wife. Complete Happiness from Marriage Will be missing but you will be able to make good progress in Life after Marriage. You may also be benefitted in Foreign Land. Natives having a Pisces ascendant Mercury in the 7th house belong to the sign of Virgo.

With this placement the native would get a very beautiful wife. The native may be engaged in pursuing a profession that will have so much influence and also achieve success in that.

Mercury: The Planet of Communication

Sometimes, you may get so much happiness and sexual pleasure that will even surpass your expectation. You will be enjoying your property and wealth. The people who have Mercury in 7th house in Pisces Sign will always be much worried about his or her family. Though there may be some deficit in the house of parents and physical strength, you would ultimately be able to protect the honour. With this position you will have a industrious mind but remain always deluged in anxiety.

I have tried to provide you with some information about the effects of Mercury in 7th house for different Ascendant. But you need to check the Conjunction with other Planets, aspects, Nakshatra etc before coming to any confirmed conception. If you think I have forgotten anything, do not forget to comment below. If you have liked it then do not forget to share.

Debraj Debraj is a professional Astrologer with More than 10 years of Practical experience. Started learning Vedic astrology in a very early age around 12 yrs and almost more than 20 years in astrological study.

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I have a gemini ascendant and my mercury is in 7th house in both kundli and navanasha chart and in both the charts I have a gemini ascendant. I need to know everythingThank you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wednesday, October 9, Home Astrology Mercury in 7th house in Male and female horoscope. You can read about : effects of Mars in the 7th house Book Your Consultation! Read: Physical appearance and Look of your Life partner.

Read: How to know about Career from Horoscope Sometimes these people are quite immovable about the opinion of others and for that they need to be adaptable towards the thoughts of other. Pls Read: Combinations for Foreign Travel and Foreign Settlement Some other natives under the effect of such benefic as well as debilitated Mercury may be involved in such occupations like spies, investigators, teachers, consultants, researchers, explorers, IT professionals, software engineers, interior designers, architects, actors, directors, writers, musicians, airline professionals, hotel personnels, event manager, tour and travel operater, politicians, diplomats and many other types of professions depending on the overall aspects of their horoscopes.

Result of Sun in 7th house Result of Venus in 7th house When you have Mercury in 7th house, you need to control your argumentativeness and desire to criticize. Read: How to Predict Navamsa Chart The natives having Mercury in 7th house would put extra effort to analyse their relationship and marriage or to make these strong. Read: How to Know Nature of your future Life Partner Effects of Mercury in 7th house in different Signs Mercury is in 7th house in Aries sign If you born with Mercury in the 7th house in the sign of Aries then, you will be very fortunate from all the sides and have a pleasant family life.

Read: Saturn in 8th house of your chart Mercury is in 7th house in Libra sign With Mercury in the 7th house in Libra sign, you will have to face so much problems in life regarding occupation and Marriage. Mercury in 7th House for Scorpio sign If Mercury occupies 7th house in the sign of Scorpio then, you will be much interested and involved in earning more wealth.

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