Globe and mail horoscope february 8

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That's the kind of stuff I watch — a lot of documentaries and things like that. What is your greatest fear? I suppose climate change is my greatest fear. It should be everyone's greatest fear, shouldn't it? How would you describe your personal fashion statement? I'm tidy.

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I wear a lot of Boss dresses, and it's not very fussy. I don't put a lot of time into it. I have a lot of dresses. I just put one on and I put on a blazer, add some shoes and I leave and go do my job. What is your most treasured possession?

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My grandmother's house in Savage Cove is pretty special to me. I inherited it. My aunts and uncles and father gave it to me. My dad and I restored it, which was a real large project for a father and daughter, because we have very different ideas about how the house should be restored. So we basically stripped it down to its studs and built it back up again, because it's an old house. It's a pre-Confederation house, so it needed new everything.

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You can't get insurance for these kinds of houses unless they're redone. What physical or personality trait are you most grateful to a parent for? I'm very empathetic. I think that is the quality in me that informs everything that I do. All the writing and the personal choices. I constantly think about how other people will feel. My mother is a nurse, so I think this is something that's very integral to her being able to do her job well.

Which three people would join you for your dream dinner party? I wouldn't mind having dinner with the premier right now. You can write Dwight Ball on it. I have some things I wouldn't mind discussing with him. And there's a philosopher that I would quite like him to meet. And Canadian social activist and writer Naomi Klein.

What is your worst quality? I have been known to lose my temper. What's your biggest regret? I try, honestly, not to spend time with regret, because I think regret is like shame and guilt. I put those three into this trifecta of damaging emotions. They hinder progress. I understand that I make mistakes. Making mistakes is human, and then I try to make reparations and then move forward without making the same ones in the future.

In Newfoundland and Labrador we doubles-down, and that's not good either. On a scale of , how likely are you to recommend The Telegram? Top News. Visit SaltWire. Maritimers' First World War letters home : spirits remain high despite The psychology of war in Atlantic Canada: war wounds beyond the The poppy: a lasting symbol of remembrance. Maritimers and Newfoundlanders at war: The sympathy, the pride and the Sorry you must be at least 19 years of age to consume this content. What is your full name?

Megan Gail Coles. Where and when were you born? In October in St. How do you like to relax?

I like to swim. What is your best quality? I think I'm funny. It comes in handy. More Local Lifestyles stories. John's Updated Nov 08, at 8 a. Bandidos killer He murdered two people including his ex-girlfriend, now former Bandidos enforcer Lionel Patea wants compensation for the lingering effects of a prison incident. Crisis of confidence South Australian business confidence is in freefall and has plunged to the lowest point on record — and corporate leaders say Premier Steven Marshall must respond decisively. Construction Such is his confidence in Adelaide that well known developer Theo Samaras is now close to completing his third major CBD construction without any sales precommitment.

Dean Jaensch Labor used to be a party that represented masses of Australians, writes Dean Jaensch, because it sold out its grassroots in favour of its factional machine. But, he discovered, it warmed even his cold heart. Your say Bushfires, droughts and culling carp have readers talking today. From festivals and fashion to art, play and family fun — we have your essential guide to all the events happening across Adelaide.

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Up to 63 jobs are expected to be created through the once-in-a-generation Dog Fence rebuild. Major move Boeing MAX jets that were subject to worldwide groundings after being at the centre of two deadly air disasters will soon be allowed to take to the skies again. Navy helicopters usually used to hunt submarines have been deployed to identify bushfire hotspots as Defence reveals an extraordinary plan for reservists to join regular troops.

Sir Richard Branson has pulled another of his famous stunts to showcase his new Virgin Voyages cruise ship before it sets sail.

But it even caught him off guard. But here in this waterfront Henley Beach home, the world is your oyster. His name was Raymond, but he looked like Brad Pitt, and she was young and in love with a ticket booked for adventure, until this happened. Forget everything you know about the cost of decent luggage.

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Shorter degrees, more students The number of South Australians with degrees must rise to at least 50 per cent, Adelaide University boss Peter Rathjen says — this is his radical blueprint to get there. It began as an argument among Port Adelaide teammates but that dispute — and a bit of heavenly inspiration — spurred Gavin Wanganeen to a new career and purpose. But then fate took a hand. Authorities are getting tough on owners who refuse to fix their deadly airbags following the death of a second Australian motorist.

Driving during fires is extremely dangerous, but tips from bush fire authorities could prove the difference in an emergency situation. The South Korean giant is working on new technology that is set to revolutionise your daily commute and make it a much more peaceful experience. Personalise your weather. Sorry we couldn't find a match for that, please try again. Change my location. My Account Logout. Combined Shape. Subscriber Exclusives. Start submitIcon. Most Viewed. Winning block couple confronted on-air. Port Lincoln blaze contained as conditions ease.

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Man stabbed in leg during CBD 'fight', suspect on the run. Tanks for nothing, neighbour: There goes my view. Trending Now. Port Wakefield crash: Second person dies in horror smash Adelaide Now. Today's Paper. Today's Most Popular Articles. The Advertiser.

globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
globe and mail horoscope february 8 Globe and mail horoscope february 8
Globe and mail horoscope february 8

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